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        Recruiting & Staffing - Business Growth Facilitator/Consultant -
                                     Life & Confidence Development Coach -  
                                       KeyNote Speaker - Group Facilitator  

                                  Best Selling Author - Spiritual Intuitive

"So many people know they're meant for more... yet they are stuck in a pattern of survival and
complacency.  If they stay in this place, they'll never unlock their true potential." -Jen Crowe

After being told I may only have 24 hours to live following a Bi-Lateral Pulmonary Embolism, my world shifted.  

My Purpose is to show people how to start right where they are, and transform into the person they were born to be and authentically grow personally and professionally.

It is time to stop surviving and start thriving in life before it's too late.

I help people on their personal and professional journey to understand where they've been, find the clear path of where they want to go, and show them how to get there.

Speaking & Experiential Learning


Speaking / Jen lights up the room! She connects with her audience on a unique level of authority and authenticity with her humor, relatable experience and super-charged energy.  
Through her story, Jen is able to resonate and authentically connect with people from diverse walks and stages of life.  She brings new found self-awareness, clarity, easy to apply solutions and motivation to our biggest, life-inhibiting issues. 

Your audience is sure to experience something different, something new, and something unforgettable!

Out of the Dark & Into the Light

The Key to creating a life you love comes from learning how to navigate our past traumas and experiences with new perspective.  

Jen will show your audience how to:

*Stand on top of their story

*Find their Authentic Voice and share it with the world

*Breakthrough the barriers that hold people hostage in their life- and so much more. 

Jen's Powerful Story

Jen will share her personal story with your audience, and explain why the time to choose yourself, your journey, and your biggest risk is NOW.  

She will take the audience on a unique journey and show them how to take action, and how to stop surviving and start thriving in simple, easy to apply steps.

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COACHING:  Making the decision to take action and stop surviving in your life is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. However, knowing the key elements of why you are where you are, what blocks you need to overcome, and how to effectively move forward are often the most difficult challenges to figure out on your own. Jen's coaching is done one on one, or with groups for a specified amount of time depending on what the overall desired outcome may be.  To best determine which path will be most successful, an initial Breakthrough Session is recommended.  Jen will help you every step of the way by bringing the self awareness, plans of action, accountability, and on-going support with her coaching and transformation options.