A New Year - A New You

A new year is fast approaching.

Does the thought of repeating the same life and experiences of 2019 sound like a successful 2020 for you?

Chances are, probably not.

What areas of your life in 2020 would you like to see Expansion, Growth or a complete Transformation?


*Self Care and Self Love?

*Career or Profession?



*Health or Wellness?

I empathize with how it feels to want more, or feel you can do more.... and not knowing what step to take or how to make it happen. I know this feeling of emptiness and sorrow all too well.

Up until 2 years ago, that is how I felt at the end of pretty much EVERY year.

Why was I in a great career, or in a relationship, had wonderful family and friends... but still felt empty - lonely - unhappy?

How was it that so often I knew exactly what I should do, yet for some reason I just couldn't make myself do it?

One of the biggest reasons for me was that I always thought it would be too hard or stressful.

It would hurt someone that I cared about or make them feel bad if I moved on or changed direction.

The thought of Re-writing my whole story was so overwhelming, it sent me right back down into my deep - dark hole.... and I would just sit in it... and stare up at what could be and have no energy to make the climb.

The other side of this period in my life, I WOULD make the leap.. leave the job, leave the relationship, move, spend (ridiculously) to find "happiness". And, sometimes I did! For a short time.. then I would find myself right back at the bottom of that same damn hole


Because what I didn’t truly and authentically know… was who I was, what I truly wanted, who I actually wanted to become. All the things, all the traits I thought I desired were simply surface desires of a life I had seen somewhere else, ideals I found that suited, happiness in others lives thinking it would bring the same to me.

And boy was I dead wrong.

We are all UNIQUE in who we are, who we were born to be, our Purpose here in this lifetime, and what our happiness consists of or comes from.

And it starts with Discovery.

It starts with stepping back and assessing all the areas of our life we are currently living, right now… in this moment.

So often, I have found that many people.. myself included.. are actually not too far off their rightful path. And I also know how difficult it can be to step back and actually see the truth in our choices and circumstances.

This is why I am so passionate about Helping people Breakthrough these barriers. It often doesn’t take much other than quality time and focus and guidance to see what one cannot see.

It took knowing my time had run out, being alone in a hospital room after being told I may only have 24 hours to live and the doctor had found my mom and daughter in Evacuation and told them to be on stand by to get on the next plane… that the woman I had become, finally met the woman I could be .. and my time had run out to make a change.

THIS is why my MISSION is to show people how to stop surviving and start thriving from this exact moment in their life. It is ALL possible and it is often so much simpler than you think. Take the opportunity to step up onto the ladder that leads out of that hole and take a peek at what you can do right now.

In my sessions with people, sometimes it only takes 1 for them to gain the clarity and knowledge they had been missing… sometimes it takes 5, sometimes it takes one full day immersion in a retreat or workshop… the point is, just TRY!

I cannot tell you how much money I spent trying to fill the voids of happiness in my life on wasted and empty expenditures… if I had known then, that I could take a fraction of that wasted money and completely change my path before I no longer had the chance.. I would have.

So, before 2020 repeats the patterns and cycles you want to grow out of…. Consider what investing in yourself, and taking the chance for yourself can do for your life.

What would your 2020 look like if you were living in happiness and prosperity?

What is that happiness for you, and what are willing to do to achieve it.


Honor your inner voice

Invest in yourself for yourself

Learn to live in your Purpose

Stop fearing time will run out

Sending you love and a ladder