Are you sabotaging your success?

Where you are personally, will inevitably affect you professionally. Our personal lives, beliefs, habits, successes and failure are foundations or a lack of foundation to our professional success. Let me explain.

If I were to ask you, on a scale of 1-10, how satisfied and happy are you in the areas of Relationships I Career I Health/Fitness I Love I Recreation I Finances I Spirituality/Faith I Family I Contribution I Spouse/Significant other - what would you rate each one?

What is keeping you from being at a 9 or 10? (Do you truly know what the block-resistance-issue is?)

If you are rating your current state at a number lower than an 8, there is room for improvement. Lower than a 6 - a lot of room for discovery and improvement. Lower than a 4 - it's time for some serious sole searching and support.

Each of these categories makes up our "wheel of life" or our "pie of life" if you will. Personal success comes over time, with work, and with ..... answers. Answers to what is genuinely holding you back from your 9 or 10 life.

But what happens in our Career, Profession or Business when we are not functioning in our higher consciousness, higher vibration, and best levels in our personal life?

We are NOT functioning at the Levels we are capable of. Why? Because the same underlying triggers that are keeping us back in our personal life, are consciously or unconsciously, steering our success and productivity in every other area of our life..

Limiting beliefs, past trauma, fear, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, experience, lack of experience and influences are some of the biggest triggers that creep over..

Do any of these triggers or emotions resonate with you?

Now, take a minute and think about what your life would look like if you were able to move those ratings up closer to a 10, even just a few levels at a time... what would change for you? How would that affect your success, relationships, productivity and growth in your Career/Business or profession?

When we take the time to assess where we are NOW in our categories of life, we can become self-aware of where we need to focus our attention, time, self-care, and growth efforts.

The next question I have for you.. What is your definition of success in each of these categories? I would encourage you to take the time and really think about this. Write it out.

Once you have a good idea of what that looks like, for you.. what is it going to take for you to reach that success? Is it answers and solutions? Is it support, accountability and guidance? Is it facing things that make you sweat or uncomfortable? Is it finances? Is it fear of (fill in the blank)? Is it the Vulnerability to face your truth that scares you?

What is the real Breakthrough you need? What help do you need? What do you need to know now to take your first step?

Can you answer these questions for yourself?

Now, take a moment and assess, what is your definition of success in your current Career/Business/Profession... Have you achieved it? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Why or why not? How is the lack of success or fulfillment in your personal life carrying over into your professional life? What are the connections?

Where do you need improvement to grow or succeed? Is it in your habits or processes? Relationships or Communication? Organization? Vulnerability? Knowledge or skill?

Take the time to really check in with yourself and take a good look at where you are personally... your current relationship with yourself and others..

What breakthrough, Aha moment, or support do you need?

Transformations in all categories of your life can be done in 3 easy steps..

1. Assess - where you are and where you want to be 2. Ask - for guidance, support, solutions, clarity 3. Action - Make a decision to make a change and then take Action!

If you would like to talk about the many ways I can help you on your personal transformation journey... comment below or send me a message.

It's time to stop surviving and start thriving... before you no longer have the choice. I got you.

xoxo Jen