How to identify the “Triggers” that are causing anxiety

If you were to sit in front of me, and I were to ask you to name the 3 things you want to achieve either immediately or soon, what would they be?

So… is there something holding you back?

What is it?

What is a Trigger?

Our trigger, is that one nagging feeling that brings you down, makes you feel uncertain, causes anxiety or holds you back. Our trigger is that sudden wave of emotion that can come on and take over your thoughts, mood and attitude in an instant. And rather than focus on, and determine what spurred the trigger to rear it’s ugly head, we react and allow it to take over our thoughts, mood and attitude.

Do you ever go about your day, and perhaps you started off on a great note, got out of bed on the right foot. Then, out of nowhere, you feel those little pangs of anxiety, or worry or concern. Do you know what “triggered” it?

When you know the trigger, you can overcome it and go about your day with a smile on your face and success in your line of vision. When you don’t take the time to decipher the cause of that trigger, that is where you will remain, in a state of angst, and negativity. And who the hell wants to stay there all day?! All week, all month, or a lifetime??

Here is a great article by Forbes!: (11 ways to change a negative mindset)

Examples of Everyday Triggers + the 5-4-3-2-1 Countdown Trick!

If you have never heard of the speaker, Mel Robbins, she is a powerhouse and creator of the 5-4-3-2-1 Countdown, thought-pattern interrupting trick! Whenever a trigger, negative thought, or anxiety begins to fill your mind.. Do this, countdown from 5-4-3-2-1. The wedge it builds in your thought pattern is almost like an immediate reset button, and it works!

A trigger can be a part of our everyday lives, our relationships, our job, our life.

Here are some examples of a trigger.

1. You come into work with a great attitude, ready to take on the day. Your day started off great, and you are on a straight path. Suddenly, you realize about 3 o’clock that you cannot wait for the day to end, don’t want to talk to anyone, and feel frustration, anxiety, fear, insecurity. Why?

When did you detour off of your straight path?

Was it something a customer, colleague, manager said?

Was it a look? Was it a text or something you saw on social media that spurred the trigger?

There is always something!! - 90% of the time, you won’t even realize it. Additionally, you may also not be aware that because of that trigger, the rest of your day became negative, less productive, and overall just shitty. When you can tap into the cause of the trigger, you can overcome it, address it, handle it, stomp that trigger out and carry on with your day.

2. Relationship triggers.

Ever come home to a negative environment?

Did you anticipate it?

Did you create it? (Yes, this is where you have to be completely honest with yourself.)

Did your significant other, child, friend do, say, look, ignore, not acknowledge in some way that turned your smile upside down? What was the trigger? Why are you not happy ?

Are you always unhappy in your relationship? Or is it just today, a moment in time, or a temporary portion of time? Why?

Is it really another person that caused that trigger, or was it you?

(Yep, honesty here too.)

Did you choose to be in a relationship that you knew wasn’t the right fit for you, but it was easier to stay than go? That is a trigger. Did you deny yourself a life you wanted to appease or supply someone else with theirs? That is a trigger.

Do you blame others for your problems, your lack of money, your lack of love, or happiness? You allowed it to happen. That is a trigger. Making sense?

3. Life triggers: Back to your goals and desired achievements. What would keep you from reaching them?

What are the triggers holding you back?

Do you: A. Know what it is?

B. Know how to overcome them?

C. Know what to do next once you do overcome them?

If you answered no to A, B, or C.. there are many exercises to help you with this process of Discovery.

If you would like to receive an exercise you can do on your own, to help you answer these questions, you can click here: (link to page on my website with email capture)

4. Stop, Think, Act

Anytime you feel that anxiety, fear, or doubt... stop dead in your tracks and think. What, when, how did these thoughts enter my mind?

What, when, how did these feelings take over my body and sense of being in this moment?

What, who was the trigger?

Got it? Know what the trigger was? Good.

Now ACT- take one step, ONE ACTION to stomp the trigger whether it is a call that needs to be made, a bill that needs to be paid, a person that needs to be confronted, or addressed.

Whatever the trigger, there is always a way to overcome it.. Take one action in the NOW, just do it.