How to Make or Break Someone in 30 seconds or Less!

Hello friends, happy 2018! It is a new year and a great time to appreciate and use your influence! For those of you who may have missed my article on the power of influence in 2017, I am re-posting just for you!

The Power of Influence:

The power of influence is all around us, both impacting our lives and within us since we also have the power to influence others. In order to understand the power of influence we must break it down for a more in depth understanding.

There are two types of Influences: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. We, as individuals can also be two types of influencers: a GIVER and a RECEIVER.

Think for a moment as an influencer whose lives are you affecting if you choose to be a positive person. Perhaps you are inspiring:

  • your customers

  • your team (your employees)

  • your family

  • your friends

Yet, perhaps you have also been a negative influencer in the lives of people you are seeking to empower.

—>Which one are you?

—>If you have customers, how are you impacting them?

—>What about outside the workplace?

—>Think about family, friends and people you meet. Are you taking time to engage them in a way that is energizing and empowering to them?

—>What does it do to you and your reputation?

These are important questions to think about in regard to not only creating a business strategy that build your brand yet also so you have awareness about creating a balance in both your professional and personal life.

When YOU Hold All the Power:

When you are the influencer you can choose and the power is entirely up to you! You have the opportunity to affect the flow of the day.

When you go to work, when you get home you must decide what kind of influencer will you be.

Will you use your voice to create a positive environment by offering someone a compliment or perhaps sharing your wisdom about your industry?

If you do decide to be a positive influence and only to receive positive influences, it is entirely possible that you will encounter a person who may only have negative comments and negative energy.

In this situation, you still have the power to change the situation by asking questions or giving a compliment. When encountering a negative person, you can ask how their day is or perhaps compliment what you see that they are doing well, or ask about their family. This has the potential to Radically change the person's day and help them to get to a positive space.

Perhaps, they will take that positive energy home with them and this will alter the course of their day.

Power is all around us all the time and it is useful to bring our awareness into how we inhabit power on a daily basis. The power of influence is one of many strategies that we can use to grow a business, help a friend or family member in need and to have more balance in our lives. Being aware of our role in our daily attitude and the ability to attract abundance, is just the tip! Now, you have to be aware of all the Power you have over everyone you meet… then they meet,…. Then they meet!!

You are one Powerful Force, use your Power Wisely.

Learn how to—> Unleash Your Power!!!. IT’S Your Time to LIVE & THRIVE