Soul Reboot-Reset Retreat



Take Back Control of Your Mind, Heart, Body & Soul - Learn how to love the life you live, despite your past or current circumstances! This is your opportunity for a guided and supported Clean Slate and New Start!  




There comes a time in our life when it is apparent that we have given up our control, our self-love, and our authenticity to survive, co-exist, and ultimately you live a life of settlement.  


And then… we come to a point in our life when enough is enough.  We wake up realizing we no longer know our own identity, we cannot see or feel our own love and honor, we invite the wrong attention and anchors into our life.. And then we awaken to see we are meant for more, deserve more, and can .. with guided help… actually realize our dreams .


This is why I created my Soul Reboot-Reset Retreat!  To show you how to Transform who you were, and who you are now into the person you want to become! (Business or career transformation is included)


Retreats Now: In the Energetic Vortex of the Hub - The Big Island: The powerful healing frequencies here bring heightened awareness/intuition - Major Transformations - Soul Growth - Forgiveness - Reset - Moving Beyond Pain  

Upcoming Retreats for 2019:  Northern Ca, Costa Rica, and Bali.


4 - 7 - or 10 Day Retreat Options

Here are a few of the Transformational Gifts you can expect to achieve, which are included in this Retreat:


  • Cleanse from the inside - out with the right food/nutrition; Unique Elixirs; Mind clearing; Chakra Enhancing & Targeted Pairings and other special treatments (such as Colon Hydro-Therapy!) to rid your body of mind-altering toxins and years of survival eating/ lack of self-love.  

  • Soul Rehab - Rediscover your inner Warrior or Warrior Goddess

  • Soul Reboot & Reset Retreat

  • Strategic Intention Setting - Learn how to set your best intentions AND live by them <3

  • Magical Massage - Deepen your healing with touch while Empowering your Mind with Intimate Coaching

  • Magic Mornings - Daily Sunrise Manifestation and Best Practices

  • Mind Magic Evenings -  Discover the routine to create the sleep and Mornings you enjoy

  • Martial Arts - Body and Mind

  • Yoga and Daily Mind and Body Movement- Beginners to Advanced with Expert Teachers

  • Dances! - We will Celebrate YOU at our Friday Night Bee Dance and Sunday Morning Ecstatic Dance Parties!

  • Ceremony - Fire, Mind Opening, Spirit Freeing sacred time

  • Goals - You will Re-write your story to reflect HOW to achieve the greatest joy and fulfillment in your life, now and on-going

  • Body Transformations - Take back the image and structure that brings you the confidence and health of a true Soul Warrior

  • Excursions - Beaches, waterfalls, Volcanos and more.  Sacred spaces and places to explore all the energies and Universal glory awaiting you, we will take splendid day tours and have fun in the sun!

  • Workshops - Personal Development and Business Mastery are all part of your Transformation Retreat!

  • Spa time/ sauna time/ massage - are all available or included!

  • Sensational coaching with Jen Crowe- New Wave Experience of one to one coaching through the Expansion of your senses

  • Reading time - Inspire and Create

  • Becoming the best version of yourself - You will learn your true identity, and how to Free your Best YOU.

  • Digging into the truths - You will Discover what is truly holding you back, why, and how to release the captivity

  • Learning how to stand strong in any conversation - Do you wish to be able to say the right thing at the right time?  Stand strong with a confident voice? Done.

  • Land/Water/Garden/Harvest/ cook/ Create - Ground your Roots while walking our Fruit Forests; get back to Square One… take back and love your inner child and innocence  

  • Discovering how to do what you love - what is it?  We will find this.. Together.

  • Creative sessions: paint, write, make jewelry, Hawaiian Farm to Table Food Experience

  • Create your own Vision board to Guide and Manifest your S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Video blogging/ posting daily diary sessions on Social Media - Learn how to Inspire others with Words of Wisdom and Experiences

  • Nutrition and Health- Eating Right For Your Blood Type: Our blood is the Main Nutritional Source for all of our Organs, Body and Mind.  Eating the specific foods that are “Beneficial” for our Blood Type will increase Energy, drop pounds, enhance our mood and abilities and so much more!  When we eat from our “Negative” categories of Food, we actually sabotage our life and lifestyle. Discover what foods are actually Beneficial and Negative for you specifically.  You will be amazed at the transformation you see and feel in just a matter of days!

  • Daily Meals - Veggie or Vegan Available!



Here are a few!  Is there something not on the list?  Ask!

  • Overcome your fears; Waterfall Repeling, helicopter tour, cocoa tour, readings, soul family connections, Cliff Diving, Scuba Diving, Boating, Sun Worship, Mauna Kea sight-seeing, Waterfalls, Hikes, Local Tour, Horses, Photography Excursions, Steam Vents, Hot ponds, Nude beach ;) get back to your natural state,  7 Course Workshop: how to Network like a pro Online and Offline to create the create the circles of influence and productivity you need- even if you’re an Extrovert!


PLUS!  You can choose to add sessions or sacred time with any of my affiliate specialists in the following categories during your Retreat!


  • Discover your Ruling Chakra and how to connect to your Soul Family

  • Connect and communicate with your specific Spirit Guides

  • Schedule a Reading with our Infamous Medical Medium

  • Take advantage of a Hypnotherapy Session with a World- Renowned Comic Hypnotherapist

  • “Ceremony” Work (You may choose a Sacred Mushroom journey with a private Shaman to lead you through this ultimate and unique experience).

  • Learn how to create and make your own special Tinctures from the medicinal plants of the land.  

  • A specialized Art Therapy Class

  • Permaculture Time - Learn and play with the land and magical foods offered.. Plant, harvest, garden

  • You can Lead a class or discussion that is inline with your current business or passion!  Giving back and offering your story and talent and being of service to others is one of the most healing things one can do <3 (Can be done in person or virtually through video)

  • Is there something you have always wanted to experience, try or do?  We can manifest almost anything here in our Sacred Energy Vortex…. The world is your oyster in our special place… ask, and you most likely will receive.

  • During your stay you can participate in Hawaiian Cooking, learning about and working on the land, ????




To inquire or Book: please click the link here and fill out your information, the options you are interested in, and how soon you would like to take the Leap and Thrive!  

Tell me a little bit about yourself:


  1. A bit about your background

  2. What you do now

  3. Why you are ready to take back control

  4. Most Importantly: why you believe this opportunity will truly impact your current reality and how it will transform your life!


The true Magic and Transformation in Life starts with the Willingness and Desire to Change.  The actual Change happens when you say YES to the decision to Invest in Yourself and take Action.  I am here to help you with the rest. Welcome to your New Tribe, we are waiting for you.

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