Testimonials/ Here's what people are sharing!


Christine Tickner

State Farm Agent

"This course helped me let go of my old opinions on networking.  I now recognize the value of the

VIP/Lifelong customer and the importance of taking

immediate followup action."


Alexandra Boyer

V1 Virtue First Insurance


"Working with Jen, I was able to open my own Insurance Brokerage!  Her techniques allowed my strengths to be realized, journey's to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of her coaching."


Cheyenne Jordan

Executive Assitant

" Jen is an incredible person who is fearless and truly wants you and your company to succeed. Her energy is contagious and she will always find a way through, under, over, or around any obstacle in her way and will lead you to do the same!"


Will Bucuoy

WB Photography Owner

"Jen understands problems and problem solving and she understands how to help you achieve each goal you set. She is a warrior, a thinker, a fighter, and a doer!”


Malinalli Lopez

XQL Media


 “Jen is an amazing coach and business consultant! Since working with her my business and clientele have increased significantly.”


Stacy Vivian


 "I have learned more information about how I can help myself get out of my way and Unleash you Power. Jen is a powerhouse that will change this world and I am glad to say she is my friend! I can not wait for the next piece!”


Alma Bowen


 “A huge thank you to Jen Crowe! This class was BRILLIANT. The material covered in this class was exactly the insight and catalyst I needed to step up my networking game.”


Adam Robert Cortez

DMK Global

Founder / CEO

"Jen's passion and attitude fills a room. She brings everything she has when working with teams and small groups helping them develop the best skills necessary to succeed. She has a unique way of deeply reaching a person's inner strengths and pulling out their full potential!"


Mandy Neves


“Intuitive provider and resource of risk management advice, corporate business savvy, finance, social network marketing expert, exemplary turnaround time, serving small and grand demographics, in both family sized and corporate arenas."